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D-Aspartic Acid
3 g
Maca Root
450 mg
Tribulus Fruit
500 mg

Vintage Boost™

Wave-Loaded Test Booster


Vintage Boost™ works with the body’s self-regulating hormonal mechanisms for a natural testosterone boost that starts working immediately.


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    Key Advantages
    Why It Makes Sense
    Supplement Facts
    Key Advantages
    Boosts Strength, Muscle, Energy

    Vintage Boost™ starts working immediately to deliver a potent dose of pro-testosterone and estrogen-regulating ingredients, which produce noticeable increases in strength and muscle hardness, and amp up recovery.

    Boosts Strength, Muscle, Energy
    Enhances Libido and Sexual Health

    Vintage Boost™ contains natural androgenic hormone amplifiers that induce a strong response, regardless of age or fitness level. Mental and sexual performance go up, and stay up.

    Enhances Libido and Sexual Health
    Fast-Acting, Safe and Effective

    Whether you’re an athlete looking for an extra performance edge, or an older man looking to restore energy and libido, Vintage Boost™ delivers a natural, safe, and effective solution – without any negative side effects.

    Fast-Acting, Safe and Effective

    Why It Makes Sense

    Vintage Boost testosterone booster is part of our Muscle & Strength supplements range. We created it because achieving a balanced, head-turning musculature should never come at the expense of your health.

    Fighting Your Own Body

    Testosterone plays a key role in muscle growth, sex drive, heart & blood flow, overall mood, and much more… You certainly want to keep it elevated, especially as you get older.

    However, your body has self-regulating hormonal mechanisms. So, taking a traditional testosterone booster means you are fighting an unwinnable battle against your own body.

    For us at Old School Labs™, that just doesn’t make sense!

    The Adaptive Solution

    You need a product that will work with your body, not against it. Unlike other testosterone boosters, you take Vintage Boost following a 'wave' regimen, where the dosage is adapted from week to week. This works synergistically with the body and acts against dependency.

    So stop trying to fight against your body's self-regulating hormonal mechanism - and start getting real results with Vintage Boost today!

    Supplement Facts

    Main Ingredients:

    Not all supplement ingredients that go by the same name are equally effective. Just as there are different qualities of the same cut of meat, there are different qualities for the same supplement ingredients. Few companies can say that they hand-pick each of their ingredients, carefully and patiently waiting for the prime season of maximum potency, and harvesting and processing each component to ensure that only the best and most bio-available ingredients make the cut.

    At Old School Labs™, we set out from the start to be an uncompromising brand, delivering exclusively premium products. Because we sell directly to you, we are able to afford to include only the best quality ingredients in all of our products. Press More to read about the ingredients you will find in Vintage Boost™ in descending order of weight.


    Vitamin D3:

    There is a proven link between low vitamin D and low testosterone levels, and supplementing with this vitamin is critical to raising testosterone.

    Vitamin B6:

    Typically found in fresh vegetables, vitamin B6 helps with testosterone synthesis. It is also linked to amino acid, glucose, and lipid metabolism.


    Deficient magnesium levels are directly linked to low testosterone. Magnesium is also involved in multiple biochemical reactions of metabolic function including energy production, cardiovascular regulation, and exercise performance.


    Vital for testosterone production, this essential trace element is lost through sweating, and needs regular replenishing.


    D-Aspartic Acid:

    A dietary amino acid which, when cycled appropriately, is proven to increase testosterone levels by acting as a natural regulator for testosterone synthesis.

    PrimaVie Shilajit Extract:

    An adaptogen that has been used since ancient times, the PrimaVie variant has been shown in clinical studies to enhance male reproductive health, better male sexual function and promote healthy testosterone levels.


    Tribulus Fruit Extract:

    Though it is commonly promoted for its testosterone-increasing effects, the tribulus terrestris plant also enhances libido, energy, virility and vitality.

    Maca Root Powder:

    A natural root that is proven to enhance libido, help with sexual dysfunction, and improve mood. It also has an anti-estrogenic and estrogen-regulating effect.

    Other Ingredients:

    The “other ingredients” section on supplement labels has unfortunately become a convenient place for some companies to hide their sub-par ingredients, fillers and additives in plain sight. This is where you will commonly find the usual cost-cutting and unnatural ingredients that do nothing to help your health - ingredients such as sucralose, aspartame, gelatin, artificial flavors and colors, and a plethora of cryptic chemical substances that really don’t have their place in your body if you want what is best for it.

    At Old School Labs™, we treat the “other ingredients” with the same care as our main dietary active ingredients. Therefore, they are carefully and selectively sourced, and included to serve a specific purpose. To our knowledge, we are the only company that goes beyond simply listing our “other ingredients” on the label (as required by law), and to also explain each of them so that you know what you are putting into your body. Here are the “other ingredients” you will find in Vintage Boost™ in descending order of weight:

    Vegetable Capsule:

    Our rapid-release vegetable capsules are completely see-through and made only from plant cellulose. No gelatin is ever used.

    Vegetable Stearate:

    The highest quality vegetable-based stearate is used to ensure that each and every capsule contains the same amount of testosterone-boosting active ingredients.



    For use as a male dietary supplement. For maximum results, follow the 4-week wave protocol: Week 1 (Activation Wave): Take 3 capsules once a day with dinner. Weeks 2 & 3 (Loading Wave): Take 3 capsules twice a day with breakfast and lunch. Week 4 (Balancing Wave): Take 3 capsules once a day with breakfast. Do not exceed the recommended dosages. For best results, use for 60 days in combination with diet and exercise. Take 2 weeks off after 60 days of continuous use.



    This product was produced in a cGMP facility that also processes ingredients containing milk, egg, soybeans, shellfish, fish, tree nuts, and peanuts.



    Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Do not use if seal is broken. Keep this product and all supplements out of reach of children.


    1. Does Vintage Boost™ contain any steroids?

      Vintage Boost™ does not contain any steroids. It works by increasing and regulating the natural hormones in your body.

    2. How long will it take for me to see results?

      Though results vary, typically you will start seeing changes 2-3 weeks after you start using Vintage Boost™.

    3. Is Vintage Boost™ safe?

      Yes, Vintage Boost™ is a non-steroidal product for adults wishing to boost their testosterone to help drive gains in muscle size, strength, energy and libido.

    4. Who should use a testosterone booster like Vintage Boost™?

      Athletes looking for an extra push and older males seeking to restore testosterone levels will both benefit from taking Vintage Boost™.

    5. Should I cycle off of Vintage Boost™ after using it for a while?

      Yes, we recommend taking 2 weeks off after 60 days of regular use.

    6. Should only men use Vintage Boost™?

      Vintage Boost™ helps raise testosterone levels naturally. Women who have this goal can safely use this product for this purpose.

    7. Does Vintage Boost™ cause acne?

      Very high levels testosterone can cause your sebaceous glands to over-produce sebum. Which, in turn, can cause acne. Vintage Boost™ helps raise your natural testosterone levels. So, whether you get any acne or not depends on how prone to acne you are.

    More Questions?

    If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. At Old School Labs™, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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