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At Old School Labs™ of California, we grew tired with the status quo of cheaply produced, mass-marketed supplements. We questioned it, rejected it, and decided to do something about it.


Customer Reviews

I loved it. I owe it all to Vintage Blast

Shortly after ingesting Vintage Blast, I had become as Kurt Vonnegut would put it "unstuck in time". I was immediately transported to an era where gyms had a back to basics feel, no more TVs, no more bro's, and no more supplements with superfluous ingredients. christian chapman

Lost 7 Pounds in 1 Month! WORKS FAST!

A good diet, exercise and good sleep. I take 2 before breakfast, 2 before lunch and sometimes 2 before dinner. It's been about 3 weeks and I can see my abs again! My abs are actually more noticeable than ever before!!! I can actually see my lower abs… John R.

I love this product

I love this product. It mixes easily and well with water, no lumps. It also tastes great! It also helps me get through my workouts. I can tell the difference from when I wasn't using this. angelica

Works for me. Visually I can tell a large difference.

Simple as the ingredients are in here (D-Aspartic Acid 3g and a decent dose of Tribulus and Maca 500mg each) they work. Along with hitting the gym 3-4x a week, strict diet and this BOOST, I'm seeing huge results and can tell a difference. Paul Graves

Hard to beat!

I am very pleased with the Old School Labs Vintage Base 2-1 daily multivitamin and I just ordered my second one! I have done a lot of research on multivitamins/ supplements and when it comes to purity and high quality this one is hard to beat! Ed Huffman

Great Supplement!

These do work! When I take these I feel in tuned with whatever tasks I have at hand. Whether I need to focus on my workouts, focus on my class projects, or just getting all the errands done. Definitely I will keep this as my regular supply. Leeroy

Great product, I have become a fan

Great product, I have become a fan of many of their supplements. This is a great blend of Omegas, very well balanced for the price as well. Very minimal burping aftertaste if any, happy to order more of this in the future Nelson Embrey III

This product works great.

This product works great. The formula definitely seems to be working, after a hard Leg Day, my knees are much less sore and recover to zero pain much more quickly than if I forget to take it. James Aubrey Fields

Keep it Old School, keep it real

Awesome product adds great flavor to a smoothie or protein shake. Old School created this for anyone who wants to get their vitamins and minerals easy. Sometimes in our busy schedule it's hard to eat the correct amount of fruits and veggies, this helps tremendously. Charlie L.

So far so good on this supplement

So far so good on this supplement. I feel more rested and sleep through the night better. I have had a problem with sleeping through the night due to working shift work in the past. I am on my second bottle, also I just take two each night… George Naylor

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