Vintage Bright™

Focus & Brain Health Formula

Vintage Bright™ is a natural nootropic that boosts cognitive ability and energy for increased productivity and motivation all day.

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What you should know

Sustained Focus & Energy

Vintage Bright™ is specially formulated to provide heightened focus and steady energy throughout the day – for increased productivity in whatever task or activity you’re engaged in.

Vintage Bright
Enhanced Memory Support

Leveraging the power of ingredients like ginseng root and ginkgo leaf extract, Vintage Bright™ aids long-term memory and short-term recall for an “unforgettable” experience.

Vintage Bright
Improved Brain Health

Bacopa herb and blueberry fruit extract work to strengthen and protect your most valuable asset inside and outside the gym.

Vintage Bright

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Questions & Answers

  1. Is Vintage Bright™ banned by any university examination boards?

    No, Vintage Bright™ is a natural focus and cognitive energy aid that contains no substances banned by universities.

  2. How will Vintage Bright™ help my productivity?

    Vintage Bright™ will provide you with heightened focus and cognitive energy, as well as improved memory, to keep you fully engaged in whatever activity you’re doing.

  3. When should I take Vintage Bright™?

    We recommend taking Vintage Bright™ before or with a meal on a daily basis. For more concentrated focus, take 2 servings 15-30 minutes before activity.

  4. Can I stack Vintage Bright™ with other Old School Labs™ supplements?

    Yes, Vintage Bright™ may be taken with any other Old School Labs™ supplements.

  5. Can I use Vintage Bright™ as a pre-workout?

    Vintage Bright™ can be used as a light pre-workout. But for more energy and pumps, try our two-stage pre-workout, Vintage Blast™, which is designed to help you take full advantage of your workouts.

  6. Will Vintage Bright™ support my long-term brain health?

    Yes, Vintage Bright™ includes ingredients such as blueberry fruit extract and bacopa herb extract to support both short-term and long-term brain health.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. At Old School Labs™, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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