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Classic BCAA Powder (Natural Watermelon)

Seriously, the Best-Tasting BCAA Powder


Our zero-calorie, natural watermelon BCAA powder tastes so good you’ll want to drink it all the time. Plus, with Biofit™ probiotic, it’s healthy for your muscles and your gut. Use it to help you build and preserve muscle and recover faster.

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You’re committed to building a classic physique with quality ingredients. You know what you want and you care about what you put into your body. Our “Classic Line” delivers single-ingredient supplements of the highest quality, triple-tested for purity and backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

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Why It Makes Sense
Why It Makes Sense

Who is Classic BCAA ideal for?

Our Classic BCAA powder is ideal for anyone who is trying to build or preserve lean muscle or recover faster from workouts. Also, if you’ve tried other BCAA supplements and found that they taste bad, or, at least, they don’t taste very good, then don’t be surprised if you become a Classic BCAA fan for life. The natural watermelon flavor “tastes like heaven” as one fan recently said. You’ll want to sip on it all day long.

How should I use it?

There’s no wrong way to use Classic BCAA powder. The best times to take it are before, during, and after workouts and in between meals. Mix a serving or two up before you head to the gym and sip on it throughout your workout, as well as afterwards, especially if your workouts tend to be on the long side.

And if you’re doing keto or any other kind of carbohydrate- or calorie-restricted diet, Classic BCAA is a fantastic way to help preserve muscle while you burn off body fat. Plus, because it contains zero calories, it definitely “fits your macros”!


Directions: Mix each serving (1 scoop) with 6-8 oz of water in a shaker cup. You can also mix it up in a blender with some ice cubes for an extra-special treat.

For best results: Drink 1 serving before or during your workout and another scoop afterwards. On rest (no workout) days, prepare drink 1 serving in between meals to help keep the level of BCAAs in your muscles elevated. This is especially important when doing keto or any other type of carbohydrate- or calorie-restricted diet where there may be a greater risk of losing muscle.


  1. I get BCAAs from my protein powder, so do I really need to take a separate BCAA supplement?

    Great question. If you’re already taking a protein powder -hopefully it’s Vintage Brawn™!- the best time to do so is immediately after you lift weights. (Vintage Brawn™ is unique in that it can also be used a meal replacement at other times of day, such as breakfast or before bed.)

    Having a protein shake after you lift weights helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and thereby promote muscle growth and recovery. While a BCAA supplement like Classic BCAA provides similar benefits, it is better suited for use in between meals, when muscle protein synthesis tends to be the lowest. Using Classic BCAA like this will help smooth out the ebb and flow of muscle growth, resulting in better gains over the long term.

  2. I’m trying to cut up [i.e. lose fat, increase muscle definition]. Will Classic BCAA help?

    To get cut up, or “shredded”, first and foremost you need to reduce your body fat. (We all have some!) This usually requires that you reduce your caloric intake, whether by eating fewer carbs in particular (e.g. as with a diet like keto) or eating fewer calories across the board (e.g. as by eating smaller portions).

    Any time you lose body fat on a calorie-reduced diet, you’re almost certain to lose muscle alongside. Taking Classic BCAA and a high-quality protein like Vintage Brawn™ will help you protect, and even enhance, your lean muscle while you melt off the fat on top.

  3. If I just do cardio, is there any point in me taking BCAAs?

    Yes. Taking BCAAs before and/or after cardio can help preserve lean muscle and enhance recovery. Keep in mind that if you’re looking to actually gain muscle, then you’ll need to be doing plenty of resistance exercise, i.e. lifting weights.

    It’s worth pointing out here that many people increase their cardio when they are trying to get cut up. At the same time, they are typically eating fewer calories. This can create a “perfect storm” for muscle loss. It’s not something to be alarmed about –we’re not talking about major muscle losses here! On the other hand, muscle isn’t easy to come by, so every bit counts. Supplementing Classic BCAA under these circumstances can be thought of as an insurance plan against such losses.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. At Old School Labs™, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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