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Storage Guidelines

Storing your supplements properly ensures they remain potent and effective. Every bottle and container of Old School Labs™ products is filled with uncompromisingly premium ingredients and comes with an expiry date clearly printed at the bottom.

General Guidelines
  1. You should store vitamins and supplements in a cool and dry place.
  2. Make sure they are sealed tight after using them and placed out of the reach of children.
  3. Never mix supplements from one bottle with another.


Bad Storage Places

  1. The Bathroom
  2. The humidity and heat in the bathroom can reduce the effectiveness and potency of supplements over time.

  3. The Kitchen
  4. Ovens, stovetops, and refrigerators cause temperature fluctuations that can also reduce the effectiveness of supplements.
    Your sink and the steam generated while cooking also produce a lot moisture.

  5. The Fridge
  6. Although some ingredients like probiotics and fish oils benefit from refrigeration, there is a lot of moisture inside the fridge that can affect the other ingredients.

  7. Near a Window or Heater
  8. The heat generated by those sources can effect the potency of the supplements.


Good Storage Places

  1. The bedroom
  2. Your bedroom is one of the best places to store your supplements. Make sure to keep them away from the windows and heat sources like radiators.

  3. Living Room
  4. Another good area to store your supplements in you have high cabinets to keep them away from children and pets.

  5. Storage Room
  6. Temperature and moisture controlled rooms are the ideal storage spaces for supplements. Use them if you have them.

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