Ashley Theophane

British Champion Boxer Ashley “Treasure” Theophane Signs On As Brand Ambassador

Mayweather Productions boxer is latest spokesperson to be signed by best-selling sports supplement brand

LOS ANGELES, California (PRWEB) March 22, 2017 – Old School Labs™, makers of the best-selling Vintage line of natural sports supplements, has signed British boxing champ Ashley Theophane as a new Brand Ambassador. Theophane, who trained with Floyd Mayweather, made his professional debut in London in 2003 and won the British light welterweight title in 2011. He has racked up an impressive number of wins in contests in Britain, Germany and the U.S.

“We discovered that Ashley was a huge fan of our brand and uses our products for his training and recovery,” says Old School Labs founder and CEO Tarek Sidani. “He also loves wearing our apparel. When we reached out to thank him and learned more about his story, we knew we had to invite him to join the ranks of the ambassadors.”

Theophane is the kind of totally committed, DIY athlete that fits in perfectly with Old School Labs’ philosophy and “Golden Era” ideals. Like the legendary bodybuilders who pioneered the sport in the 1960s and 70s, Theophane was a self-starter who carved out his own path in boxing. Despite unpromising beginnings in a poor neighbourhood in London, he resolved to always focus on the positive, and his discipline and determination paid off in a big way. As he says, “Nothing is impossible. Set a goal and work towards making it happen.”

Currently represented by Mayweather Productions, the soft-spoken and amiable Theophane is looking forward to his new role as a Brand Ambassador for the top-selling brand, as he goes on to achieve new heights in his boxing career.

“We’re thrilled to have Ashley with us, and we can’t wait to see what happens next for him,” says Sidani. “And with his help, as well as the other top-flight athletes who represent us, we can continue to share the philosophy and ideals of the ‘Golden Era’ with fans around the world.”

Ashley TheophaneAshley TheophaneAshley TheophaneAshley Theophane

British Champion Boxer Ashley “Treasure” Theophane Signs On As Brand Ambassador Letting Others Set Your Limits?


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