Anel Kadiric

Old School Labs™ Signs High School Grad as First Student Ambassador

Unsolicited product review for company’s Supplements That Make Sense™ leads to great gig for teen wrestler and bodybuilder.

LOS ANGELES, CA (PRWEB) October 2, 2014 – Old School Labs™, the celebrated startup whose natural sports supplements have gained national attention for its quality and “Golden Era” values, has found its first student ambassador in recent high school graduate Anel Kadiric. The company became aware of the New Jersey teen when he posted a video review on Amazon lauding the benefits of Vintage Build, the 3-in-1 muscle builder that’s one of Old School Labs’ flagship products.

“We were just knocked out when we saw Anel’s video,” said Old School Labs founder and CEO Tarek Sidani. “To receive this kind of unsolicited endorsement from a young athlete who has decided to dedicate his career to health and sports is not only great publicity, but a terrific validation of what we’re doing.”

In the video, Anel, who started studying nutrition at Montclair State University this fall, talks about his commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, and how thrilled he was to discover Old School Labs’ products.

“For years, I was concerned about taking supplements of any kind, for fear of hurting my body,” he said. “Then my brother told me about Old School Labs and how well their products worked for him—and about their open-label policy with no proprietary blends or hidden ingredients. I decided I had to try them.”

“One of the reasons I’ve chosen to study nutrition is so that I can help change lives for the better,” Anel continued. “I believe it’s extremely important not to just focus on immediate results, but to be aware of and work toward long-term health. I know that this is a big part of Old School Labs’ philosophy, which is another reason I’m thrilled to be working with them.”

“Anel is the kind of spokesperson that all companies dream of having,” said Sidani. “He’s not only an enthusiastic user of our products, but his natural energy and commitment are the best advertisement we could ask for. We look forward to working with him as he begins this new phase in his life.”

Anel’s Amazon video review can be seen here:

Anel ProfileFirst Student AmbassadorFirst Student Ambassador

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