Tom Platz - Old School Labs Of California Ambassador
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Tom Platz

The Golden Eagle

Los Angeles, CA
Fort Sill, OK
5' 8”
190 lbs
Born in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma on June 26, 1955, Tom Platz caught the bodybuilding bug from a magazine at the tender age of nine years old and he began competing at the 1973 Mr. Adonis competition. His bodybuilding career continued until he retired as a Pro in 1986, including a string of top ten finishes at the Mr. Olympia. In 1995, he made a comeback and was given an Honorary Mr. America title. Tom is renowned as one of the athletes who trained at Gold’s Gym during the Golden Era of bodybuilding in Southern California. Tom Platz pioneered a high-intensity, high-volume training regimen – reviving the squat as a foundation exercise – in a way that continues to inspire bodybuilders today. He never counted reps and sets, but many captured them in photos, videos and articles. His “5-More-Reps” mentality made him the most intense bodybuilder in his day and even in current standards of bodybuilding. Today, Tom has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the world of bodybuilding, nutrition and general fitness. ‘Tom Platz World Tours’ offer Motivation Seminars and Squat Clinics, promoting bodybuilding and reminding his fans worldwide that camaraderie, personal growth and love of the sport is what bodybuilding is all about. Tom Platz continues to hold the title of Best Legs in professional bodybuilding.

Favorite Quote

“Dare to Dream.”

Career Highlights


1973 Mr. Adonis – AAU
1973 Mr. Ironman – AAU
1974 Teen Mr. America – AAU, 2nd
1974 Junior & Senior State Powerlifting Championships – AAU, 220 Class Champion
1975 Mr. Michigan – AAU
1976 Mr. American – AAU Short Class, 3rd
1977 Mr. Southeastern USA – AAU
1978 World Amateur Championships – IFBB Mr. Universe

1980 Pro Mr. Universe
1981 Mr. Olympia 3rd
1982 Mr. Olympia 6th
1984 Mr. Olympia 10th
1985 Mr. Olympia 7th
1986 Mr. Olympia 11th

1995 Honorary Mr. America – AAU

2018 Joins OSL Team

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