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What We’re All About

  At Old School Labs™ of California, we grew tired with the status quo of cheaply produced, mass-marketed supplements. We questioned it, rejected it, and decided to do something about it.  

Old School Labs™ was born

Our mission is to create uncompromising, premium supplements for informed customers who demand the very best.
 We are proud that our mission has deeply resonated with so many people. But we will never take success for granted or slow down our efforts to turn the tide of an entire industry. Read more about us, and join the movement of men and women who decided to trust in Supplements That Make Sense™.


We dared to question the mass-produced brands that churn out cheap products and hide behind so-called proprietary blends, fad ingredients, expensive marketing, and paid endorsements to sell products that do not make sense; brands that notoriously cut corners in formulation and quality to increase their margins at the expense of your health and wellbeing.



At Old School Labs™ we have dedicated ourselves to turn back the clock to the Golden Era principles of bodybuilding and supplementation. This was a time when bodybuilding was about achieving a full and elegantly balanced, head-turning musculature – not adding bulk and size at the expense of health. A time when supplements were formulated with both the customer’s short term goals and long term health in mind – not cheaply mass-produced to only benefit manufacturers.


When we started this mission, we understood that making a real difference and developing products that live up to the name Old School meant doing things differently than everyone else today.


We are thrilled that our mission is deeply resonating with so many people. And we promise you as we have promised them that we will never take success for granted and will continue our efforts to turn the tide of an entire industry. We promise to keep providing you with uncompromising, premium supplements – as we have done from day one. For us, success is not only measured by how many products we sell, but by being able to count on people like you who care about quality and Supplements That Make Sense™.

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